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The year is 198X. The Monolithic Cathode Corp. has taken control and is hoarding power from the city below. Enter the Incapacitor, a lone avatar of synthetic justice. Fight your way through the endless horde of disgruntled bad-bots as you ascend to the heights of the tower. On a mission to take the power back, you will stop bots till you drop, then get up and do it again.

Incapacitor is an FPS Rogue-lite with a heavy synth-wave aesthetic. Each play-through is different from the last with a wide array of weapons, levels and abilities.

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Soundtrack by B͝ L ͢Λ C͝ K̨ ̕͏͠- N̢͞ ͟O ̀Į Z̕͞ E

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Design - Harrison O'Connor

Programming - Liam Harvey, Benjamin Welsh

Art and Animation - Kate Lulham, Che Hubbard, Hamish Standfield

Sound - Aiden Pedemont

incapacitor.com | @incapacitor | incapacitor@gmail.com



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